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Set Your Tone Summit

October 6th, 2018
Atlanta, GA

A one-day transformative event with energetic speakers, live music, guided meditations, and interactive sessions unlike anything else you’ve experienced! Learn how to tune yourself to lead with confidence, clarity, and purpose in your life.

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We are all made of music.

Our conversations, interactions, movements, and basic functioning are all based around tempo, dynamics, rhythms, and patterns — i.e. MUSIC. It’s the thread that ties us together, the core of our human existence, and the key to understanding ourselves and our lives in an infinitely deeper way.

Empower yourself with the realization of your own capabilities and strength as a rhythmical being of purpose and possibility.

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Meet the Team

Team Member

Bronkar Lee

Speaker & Entertainer

Bronkar Lee’s unique background includes touring Europe as a circus ringmaster, appearing on NBC’s Tonight Show, and beatboxing with his son in a video that received over 125 million views. His presentations use live music to draw parallels on improving communication, collaboration and creativity.

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Tracey Owens

Empowerment Catalyst

Tracey Owens, Empowerment Catalyst and Founder of Remember Your Truth, has her own unique perspective to living a truly empowered and authentic life. She invites us to embark on a Personal Empowerment Journey to reaching our fullest potential.

Team Member

John Stringer

Speaker & Author

John Stringer is a life teacher, speaker, billboard charting singer-songwriter, healer, and author with a passion for music, community, expansion and limitless love and light. He travels extensively sharing his uplifting and healing music and message.

Team Member

Rainy Suggs

Experience Strategist & Producer

Rainy Suggs is an Experience Strategist, Facilitator and Producer. She has worked in all areas of the event world: speaking, teaching, producing, enrolling, and online marketing. Her wide range of abilities allows her to create live experiences which are unparalleled and exceptional.

Team Member

Don Simmons

Sound Therapist

Don Simmons is a sound therapist, shamanic practitioner and visionary consultant who has produced 11 recordings on sound and meditation. As President of ISTA, he created GB2 (an outreach community) and implemented the first Sacred Sound Ministry, teaching the power of sound as a healing modality.

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Seth Radman

Entrepreneur & Musician

Seth Radman is an entrepreneur and recent Georgia Tech grad who has started and grown multiple successful startups. His apps have been featured on the App Store 10+ times in over a hundred countries, including Apple’s App of the Day. Seth also plays saxophone with various bands in Atlanta.

Team Member

William Forchion

Motivational Storyteller

William Forchion, thought leader and motivational storyteller, weaves his experience as a circus clown, acrobat, stuntman for film and television and Reiki master into inspirational events. William uses his dynamic #IAmEnough approach to empower and unlock limitless potential.

Team Member

Sarah Carlson

Coach & Speaker

Sarah is a Harvard-trained Wall Street attorney turned volunteer, career coach, professor, speaker, and entrepreneur. She helps people identify their professional strengths, interests, values, and vision - and she gives them tools to effectively pursue the work that aligns with who they are.

Team Member

David Straus

Poet & Thought Leader

David Straus is a leadership coach and speaker for Hollywood studio heads, Silicon Valley executives and c-suite executives across the country. He helps others find their soul purpose to create deeper happiness in life. He is also a Fulbright scholar, mentor, and investor in conscious businesses.

Team Member

Cyndi Harvell Li


Cyndi Harvell Lee is a songwriter, producer, and artist — creating music for TV, commercials, movies, and her own original albums. She’s also a graphic designer, video editor, author, and project manager — using her skills to help other creative humans get their positive messages out to the world.

Team Member

Andrew Pulkrabek


Andrew Pulkrabek is a multi-disciplinary performing artist hailing from Oakland, CA. A lifetime musician and graduate of the University of Washington School of Drama, Andrew has performed nationally and internationally with numerous ensembles and as a solo artist.

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Ryan Baill


Ryan Baill is a you musician born and raised around the Atlanta Metro area. He is classically trained, having experience with everything from jazz ensembles to symphony orchestras utilizing a wide array of hand and mallet percussion techniques. Studying djembe last summer in South Africa, Ryan will be bringing his experience to our summit.

Team Member

Tori Price


Tori Price, owner of Luna Leigh Arts, is a colorful artist -- painting to honor her intuition and inspire others to notice the world in a new light. She is also a creative teacher, sharing her intuitive painting process with others to guide them in discovering their unique creative spirit.

Team Member

Aaron Williams


Aaron’s passion to enable musical self-expression and conversation in others drives him to perform, compose, and teach music in a variety of constantly-evolving contexts. Aaron is a certified Orff-Schulwerk instructor and AOSA National Conference Presenter, and he currently resides in LA.

Team Member

Dave Holland


A dynamic performer, teaching artist and interactive rhythm facilitator, Dave Holland shares his passion for all things rhythm through drum circles, interactive performances and workshops. With his presentations, books and online presence, Dave seeks to help others create a greater connection to culture and community through the power of rhythm.

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Session Schedule

Your ticket to Set Your Tone includes everything below.

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Tone setting for the with the live Summit Band.

Don Simmons - The Power of Sounds

Team Member

Get to know what sounds you are putting out into the world and gain the tools to become a more conscious and connected communicator.

Sarah Carlson - Claim Your Personal and Professional Power

Team Member

Set your tone to self-compassion, learn to live in line with your purpose, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Bronkar Lee - Interactive Voice Power Session

Team Member

William Forchion - The Power of Communication

Team Member

Learn how to put the power of life into your words and your actions.

Seth Radman - The Science of Frequencies and Resonance

Team Member

Explore how acoustic frequencies and vibrations can physically enhance our relationship with ourselves, other people, and beyond.



Drum Gathering


John Stringer - Alignment and the Four Levels of Creation

Team Member

Discover a simple, yet effective framework rooted in vibration/frequency, spiritual practice & principles that can assist you with experiencing more fulfillment.

Rainy Suggs - Experience Your Freedom

Team Member

Discover how clarity, courage, and commitment can set you free to live a life you love.

David Straus - Finding Your Soul Purpose & Being Aware of Limiting Beliefs

Team Member

Follow the path to discover your Soul’s Purpose and gain the clarity to be your highest self in all situations.

Cyndi Harvell Lee - What to Do When the World is Loud and Your Tone is Quiet

Team Member

Uncover 3 tools for articulating what you have to say to the world so that it can be received by the people in it.

Bronkar Lee - What's Your Tone?

Team Member

Learn how to put your energetic signature on life by using recombinant innovation.

Closing Celebrations




There is free parking lot onsite, with a lot next door for overflow. Carpool is encouraged if you are coming with friends.


There will be food vendors onsite throughout the day and during the lunch break so you don't have to leave!


There is no dress code. Dress casually and comfortably. The event is indoors and air conditioned.


Atlanta Marriott Century Center / Emory Area at 2000 Century Blvd NE, Atlanta GA 30345 is 3.5 miles from the event location.